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Poly Print made the inc5000 list for fastest growing companies in America!

Poly Print was recognized by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and the Arizona Manufacturers Council as the WINNER for 2022 Arizona Small Manufacturer of the Year.

These companies represent the very best of manufacturing in Arizona,” Arizona Manufacturers Council Executive Director Grace Appelbe said.

Accompanied with her to present the award was CEO and President of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, Daniel Seiden.

Manufacturing in Focus Magazine DEC/JAN 2022-2023 - A Truly Essential Business pp. 56-61

Poly Print was featured as the first flexographic printer and flexible packaging supplier in Food Chain Magazine. The article outlines Poly Print's strengths and position in the flexible packaging space.

Packaging is an essential part of the Food Chain and without it, food cost would be higher, food born illness would be chronic issue and people would not have access to many of their favorite foods, among other things.

Food Chain Magazine Issue 190 November 2022 Exclusive Feature - The Perfect Package pp.59-61

Poly Print was featured as the first flexographic printer and flexible packaging supplier in Food Chain Magazine. The article outlines Poly Print's strengths and position in the flexible packaging space.

Packaging is an essential part of the Food Chain and without it, food cost would be higher, food born illness would be chronic issue and people would not have access to many of their favorite foods, among other things.

Flexing Your Printing (April 2022) -

A look at what some companies, including Poly Print, are innovating with state-of-the-art flexographic printing.

Packaging Impressions included feedback from Poly Print and put it together in an article that was published by Packaging Impressions.

Poly Print was selected by How2Media, the productions of the television show
“World’s Greatest” to be part of its TV series. 

As part of the show, How 2 Media sent a film crew to spend time at the company’s Corporate headquarters and operations facilities in Tucson, Arizona, to find out what the story behind the story is with this great and growing company, and to show the World's Greatest TV viewers why Poly Print was selected as the best in their category for Flexographic Printing, Laminating, and Converting of Flexible Packaging and therefore featured on the show.

Poly Prints segment aired on National Television and can been permanently be viewed on, episode 290.

Poly Print is on Inc.'s 2021 Best in Business

Poly Print has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as Best In Business in our category, Food and Beverage.

To earn this prestigious award, a panel of judges will evaluate a company and the impact it has on their community, their industry, the environment and society has a whole.

Out of tens of thousands of companies considered, only three are chosen within each category out of 49 total categories.

In addition to making this list Poly Print is considered one of the most Inspirational Companies Of The Year by Inc. Magazine. Poly Print is on Inc.'s 2021 Best in Business

2021 November Inc 5000 Yearbook

Poly Print made the INC 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America.  In addition, a short article titled "A Blueprint for Success", was was published in the Inc. 5000 yearbook.

2021 November Inc Magazine

Poly Print was honored to be a featured company in INC Magazine that made the INC 5000 list for fastest growing companies in America.  Our story can be seen here and shared with the millions of people who read this prestigious magazine.

Poly Print was selected as the best in their category for Flexographic Printing, Laminating, and Converting of Flexible Packaging

CIO Coverage Magazine June 2021

Poly Print was chosen as the one of the most Innovative Food Packaging Companies to Watch in 2021.

This is a careful selection process conducted by CIO Coverage ( Food Packaging Companies can be categorized into manufacturers, who make and sell the packaging, and brokers, who only resell the packaging. In this industry, equipment plays a key role in ensuring that food can be put into its packaging at high production volumes.

CIO Coverage Magazine June 2021 

Cover Packaging Impressions

2021 State of the Industry Report

Poly Print was featured in Packaging Impressions 2021 State of the Industry Report.  We were happy to share to the impact of COVID-19 on Poly Print and the impacts on flexible packaging market.  


Perfect Score of 100

Poly Print has been SQF certified for food quality and food safety since 2014.  In an unannounced SQF food safety audit in April 2020, we earned a perfect 100/100 score.  This is especially remarkable as it was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In fact, this feat is accomplished by a mere 1% of companies who are audited.

5 Variables to Consider For Slitting Processes

By Joe Genova

The importance of slitting and rewinding in the printing and converting process can often be underestimated.

As printers, we tend to focus much of our attention on the latest press technologies,

looking to gain efficiencies in every way possible, from waste reduction methods and faster setups to how to achieve the sharpest vignettes. Unfortunately, all these efforts can ultimately be wasted if the best finishing methods are not also considered.

Slitting is usually the last step in the converting process and can therefore be the costliest

if not done properly.

Doubling Down! Poly Print: Twice the Size, Double the Revenue, Credits Capitalization

By Joe Genova

Poly Print’s pursuit of leadership in the flexographic printing and flexible packaging industries has been enduring, to say the least. 

At a time that now seems like yesterday, the Genova family set out with one goal in mind: to be the leading provider of all food packaging and labels. This overarching objective paves the way for us to: 

- Expand our service 

- Assist our customers 

- Create a thriving culture behind the walls of our 80,000 sq. ft., Tucson, AZ-based plant 

Plastics, Packaging and the Environment

By Joe Genova

It is no doubt that packaging plays a vital role in our lives and modern society. It protects and keeps food safe throughout every stage of the distribution line and extends the shelf life of food products, which leads to less food waste and lower food cost. Flexible packaging is in fact the lightest form of packaging, accounting for just a small percentage of landfill waste.

New 10 Color Printing Press Installed

Poly Print adds to its already impressive press lineup with a new Uteco Onyx 10 color printing press.  This press embodies the latest in flexographic printing technologies with features like live ink weighing allowing for accurate job costing, improved auto-wash, quick change doctor blades, automated turrets, reinsertion for registered OPV and backside printing and more.  This latest addition gives Poly Print additional capacity to respond to customers needs quickly, improved job tracking and job costing control.

New RTO Installed 30,000 CFM

Poly Print adds capacity to its existing RTO.  This new unit boast a staggering 30,000 CFM and provides the ability for future growth and backup to the existing 12,000 CFM RTO.  Both units were purchased from Ship’N’Shore and prove further commitment and exaction to Poly Print’s pollution prevent plan.

Poly Print Expands Storage Capacity

Poly Print expands is building and ink storage capacity with the addition ink lockers and ink rooms.  With this additional capacity Poly Print can store additional ink allowing for faster response times to it’s customers.  In additon, the lockers and ink rooms are a testament to Poly Prints continued growth.

New Laser Anilox Installed

Poly Print installs the Meridian Laser anilox cleaner.  The is the latest in laser anilox cleaning technology from Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC).  The Meridian laser anilox cleaner provides a solution for one-pass cleaning that achieves like-new surface conditions at unprecedented speeds, many times increasing efficiency of 300% or more. The Meridian does not require any chemicals, sodium bicarbonate or polymer beads, water, or detergents – making it a sustainable cleaning technology that has a very low environmental impact.

New Laser Perforation Unit Installed

Poly Print installs the latest in Laser Perforation and scoring technology from Preco.  This addition gives Poly Print the ability to provide those customer, particularly in produce, with laser perforated rolls stock on a variety of substrates.  Holes as small as 60 microns, precise firing lasers, while maintaining high speeds ensures our customers a quality product, consistency and fast response times.

New High-Speed, Highly Automated Slitter Installed

Poly Print installs new high-speed slitter from French manufacturer DCM.  This slitter is a high production slitter with a mechanical speed of 2,400 fpm, double unwind turrets for fast changeover between sets, and a slitting width at low as 25mm.  Other features include shear and razor blades as well as 3” or 4” cores with an automated robotic arm.

Closed Loop Solvent Recycling Unit Installed

Poly Print installs a complete closed loop solvent recycling system from PRI.  This recycling system is connected directly to the printing presses allowing for a continued access of clean, recycled solvent and less handling of dirty solvents.  In addition, we can now recycle and recapture up to 80% of our dirty solvents and reuse them in our process.  This is also commitment to our continued recyclable and sustainable efforts to reduce our overall carbon footprint.

New 10 Color Press Installed

Poly Print installs a new 10 Color Printing Press from Uteco.  This press offers the latest in technologies in quality control from Grafik Controls, auto-wash, kiss’n’go for automatic impression setting, drag and drop for auto-registration, shaftless turrets, and much more.  This addition allows for fast changeover, smaller runs, and a lot of automation for lower waste and improved quality control during the run.

Poly Print Installs High Bay Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Poly Print replaces their current fluorescent lighting with intelligent high bay LED lighting throughout the warehouse and production facilities.  This decision was made in part to support Poly Prints ongoing sustainable efforts.  LED lighting is more much energy efficient than fluorescent lighting, lowering energy cost.  There is an estimated savings of 335,000 kWH annually and a reduction of greenhouses gases from over 80 ton of waste sent to the landfills.  Lower maintenance cost, brighter working conditions and increased employee morale are added benefits.

New RTO Installed - 12,000 CFM

Poly Print installs a 12,000 CFM RTO.  A Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, also known as an RTO, is a type of air pollution control equipment designed to decompose volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and other airborne solvents into innocuous CO2 and water vapor by heating the exhaust air to a very high temperature, over 1500°F. 



Pressing Forward 

Joe Genova

When FTA member Poly Print opened it's doors 24 years ago, it had a single press, a laminator, a mounter, and 15 employees. As the company grew, it brought on additional machinery - new presses, slitters, laminators - and grew its personnel several times over.


Continuous Investment 

Eric Fish

In less than 25 years, Poly Print has transformed from a regional printer into a national printer. Ongoing investments and upgrades have the printer/laminator poised for more growth.

FLEXO August 2018

Meet the Press

Joe Genova

Printing, like all manufacturing, is about increasing production, reducing waste, and improving quality. All flexographic printers look for ways this can be done, especially when it comes to investing in a new machine.

Package Printing November 2018

Ahead of the Curve

Chris Bauer

Workforce development has been among the top challenges in the packaging printing industry in recent years.

It's important to understand why this is, and what can be done about it.

Plastics in Packaging November 2019

A Game of Inches

Steven Pacitti

Flexible packaging has become a real family affair in southern Arizona. 

Drive down the Interstate 10 of pet-loving Arizona and you end up in what has become known as Optics Valley.  Ron Genova embarked on this journey back in 1992.