This is my first time working with Poly Print Inc. How do I get started?

First we will need to generate a quote; please fill out our Quote Request form with specific information about your flexographic print project, and a representative from Poly Print will then contact you for further information.

Can Poly Print create my artwork? What if I have my own artwork?

Either way works for us! We will need a previous sample OR a PDF of the product, which must show the final artwork size. Poly Print will then generate an art quote that will need to be approved by you.

What kind of proof do I see before my flexographic print job goes on press?

Color keys and a color accurate proof showing what the final package will look like will be sent to you for approval. A PDF may be sent for preliminary approval, but a hard copy proof is required for your final approval.

Note: Color-accurate proofs are only required for process work.

If the package is not process-printed, then PMS color drawdowns will be sent to the customer by Poly Print for color approval. Once the color keys, color-accurate proof, or PMS drawdowns are approved by the customer, printing plates are created, and the job is ready to go to press!

Does Poly Print do a test to make sure the roll will work on my flexible packaging equipment?

Sample rolls are very critical to making certain that we have a good fit and the substrates will perform on your equipment. Typically, Poly Print will run a sample and print only eyespots, as we prefer to receive final samples back from the customer so we can evaluate them and make any necessary recommendations or adjustments. Once the sample roll has been qualified, we are ready to accept new orders!

Will you have all of my project information if I come back for a re-run?

Yes - Poly Print retains all of your project details in our database and can quickly access them to create reprints of your flexographic package.

What if I run out of printed film and have more product to package?

Poly Print keeps an inventory of film on hand so that we can, at the very least, get your project on press right away while we are waiting for additional materials to be delivered to us.

How can I be sure my printed film will work on my equipment?

This is where Poly Print excels! Not only are we experts in flexographic printing; we also make a point of understanding and printing for the equipment that you are using to create your packages. We offer 32 options for eyespot location and unwind direction of the film roll; this information is located in our Unwind Chart for you to choose before your job is printed. We are even available for help after your film has left our shop and you are on press at the packager.

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